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About Us

Online Computer Services of WNY, Inc. goal has been to provide custom software development and support services for small and medium size businesses at reasonable rates with a primary focus on the use of Microsoft products.   A key factor in our mission profile is to provide "one stop shopping" for businesses, allowing them to get their IT needs taken care of with one phone call and spend more time focusing on what is important to them.

With skills available in Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, Microsoft SQL Server, the Windows family, VAX mini-computers, FORTRAN, and a host of others, Online has what it takes to get the job done.

Company History

Online Computer Services of WNY, Inc. was founded in 1985 by Jim Dettman, the current president and owner of Online Computers.  Since it's inception, Online has taken on many challenges writing software for the Manufacturing sector (both standard Mfg and Job Shop), the Construction Industry, Veterinary field, Heating Oil and Service Companies, the Apparel Industry, and Field Management Services.  Online started writing software for small businesses on the Wang 2200 platform; a sixteen terminal multi-user system available in the early eighties. With the advent of PC's and the Niakwa NPL compiler (formerly known as Basic2c), Online was able to provide its software to a wider audience and expanded its operations.  Years later, when PC based databases became available, much of its software development focused on the use of Microsoft Access.  Later, Online moved into VB development and the use of Microsoft SQL Server to provide solutions.   However still to this day, Online has not forgotten its roots and still supports clients with software written in Basic2c/NPL.

Online has also provided software programming and support to clients on the VAX line  of mini-computers using MANMAN manufacturing software.  It has also taken on some unique challenges, such as factory floor automation using the TI series of PLC's, OIL, and other programming environments.


Online Computer Services of WNY, Inc.

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